Professional Organising and Decluttering 

Whether we work in your home or office, the space around you must bring you some level of joy.

I will teach you a new, fresh way of looking at your belongings and understanding how to store your items in order to spark joy in your life.

Bedroom / Wardrobe

Your bedroom should be a scared space that just feels good to be in. It is the first place you open your eyes to in the morning and the last place you find yourself in before a deep slumber. 

In this space, we will work together to make sure a serene space is restored and that everything within the bedroom is in its correct place. 

As a qualified Feng Shui Consultant, I can help you understand the impact of the space around you on your personal life. Your wardrobe is one of the first spaces you interact with in the morning so it must bring joy so you can start your day off with a positive energy.


Look, I think we’ve all seen those perfectly organised, Pinterest kitchens on the internet— I can’t think of anything that looks more satisfying. Otherwise, we can organise the space to be more functional and cater to you and your family’s lifestyle 

Your pantry will become a place you come home to after a long day and feel excited and inspired by. You will be able to cook up an absolute storm of a meal—day in and day out—purely because everything you need will be stored right in front of you with easy access. 

You’ll never want takeout again!

Spare Room 

The spare room can quite quickly become a dumping ground of miscellaneous items. I get it. Some things are difficult to find a place for 

Working through this room will help you reclaim it for its intended purpose once again.  We can balance the serene energy of your spare room so that guests will be able to feel as if they have just checked into a 5-star relaxation retreat.


The office should be a space of productivity and creativity—not a space to drop all your paperwork and run

With my strong administrative background, sorting through the paperwork is easy. Once sorted, discarded, scanned, shredded or archived, I will create a process so documents can be easily handled going forward.

The result – your office will give you joy and inspiration.