Never worked with a Professional Organiser before? You may feel unsure about the process and that’s totally valid! 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help ease your mind and give you a better understanding of how I can help you.

What is a Professional Organiser?

As a professional organiser, I will help you organise your life, home, time, and office. I will help you decide what items to keep in your life while creating balance within your space. I tailor systems to work with each individual client—as we appreciate every individual is different and unique!

How will I help you?

We will work together to understand that decluttering and tidying is not about discarding items, it is more about deciding what to keep—what sparks joy for you.

I will guide you through the process without any judgement, offering expert and objective advice so that we can work toward achieving the goals you have for you and your space.